Dv Mark Dv Micro 50 M

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    Here's my quick review.

    I'm following up on this after having more time and trying more things. Here's my take.

    I was using a Lopo Line cabinet with 10" Eminence Ragin Cajun.

    It's better than some but really just passable.

    Effect Loop
    This amp benefits from the effects loop, especially in light of the above. With a quality delay (Lovepedal Multi Tap 2) in the loop and a Malekko Chorus in the front of the amp, the clean channel becomes a joy to play. Not level adjustment is available, but I didn't see a need for it.

    This amp is sold as having a scooped eq and it does. I don't think this is a good thing for humbuckers. Maybe single coils would benefit more. I don't have, sadly, a single coil guitar to test.

    Gain Channel
    So, here's the main feature of the amp. I was a little confused that the controls seem to be interactive. The volumes and tone controls are not exclusive to one another. Some research and contact with the company reveal that the the the gain "channel" is, in fact, not a channel at all, but rather acts like a pedal, overlaying the main channel. This makes dialing a usable tone a little more of a challenge.

    The Drive knob doesn't really have a wide range. It's not easy to get a "pushed" tone and the majority of the sweep is good for an 80's metal type drive. Going full does not alter this in a way that makes a huge difference. With the eq controls I was able to dial in a usable sound for practice or low volume jamming with a pal, which was my goal. Single notes are articulate even on the neck pickup. Chords can be way too bass-y unless bass is dialed out.

    The nice thing is that this channel has low noise and is not affected as much by interference (like facing the computer monitor) as my tube amp.

    This gain channel sounds horrid in headphones. Just terrible. This is the sound people describe when they said "you need cabinet emulation". The clean is ok. The headphones do not bypass the the speaker. That would be a "nice to have" feature, as having to yank out the speaker makes it that much less likely that you'll use the headphones.

    This would save wear and tear on the channel selector, but I don't have a simple on button switch to test. May not be worth bothering with that.

    Here's the real surprise. On the clean channel, the amp takes gain pedals way better that I would have imagined. An Amptweaker Tight metal Jr. is killer. Even the Lovepedal Karl fuzz is do-able. The modulation pedals in the front sound great.

    Bottom Line
    For what I paid, this is a great second amp, back up or what have you. It's also nice to get a high gain sound at super low volumes. The bass-heavy nature of the unit is unfortunate. If DV Mark were to alter the voicing and get a little more real about what a good high gain sound it, they's have a real winner.

    What I didn't do
    Crank it super loud. Some night when the house is empty of polite company I will do so. I fear, however, a bass overload.

    I am going to try my bass through this. Maybe a twofer!

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