Dingwall NAMM 2018 Reveals!

Discussion in 'Bass Guitar Discussion' started by TheEmptyCell, Jan 12, 2018.

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    For information: I just sent a message to Dingwall tech department. As you said, it seems that I should buy and install a "3X Rotary Pickup Selector" in order to have an NG2-like configuration (as the attached image shows). It costs 68 Canadian dollars and I imagine I will need to ask my luthier to help me wiring it, as I'm not very practical with these things.

    I'm still a bit confused. I don't understand at all their choice of putting a stock D-Bird selector in NG-3 models, cutting out the signature sound this bass has been designed for (as Nolly wrote, the Bridge+Middle series is his favorite configuration). I guess you can choose to have the Rotary Selector already installed when ordering your bass directly from Dingwall, but it's also true that NG-3s sold by online shops usually come with a D-Bird selector. Again, a really strange choice.

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    yeah it doesnt makes sense that Dbird selector. The Bridge+neck position should be a standard one (jazz bass tone-ish). I get wanting to have the full 3 pickups, but then maybe have a 5 way switch?

    I though the whole idea to go into 3 pickups was mainly to have that Jazz bass sound

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