Dealing with work related stress?

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    I have a job with difficult co workers and some of them are real bullies. Recently work and pressure has been getting to me...been losing sleep out of fear of losing my job And not able to support my family. I have been at my job over a year and it’s always a constant pressure from everyone to meet deadlines and not make any mistakes...even if they are not your mistakes’s still on you. Always concern about making mistakes..recently due to last minute schedules etc. lot of mistakes have occurred. So the stress and possibility of getting fired Is greater. I work in production etc. Any advice or suggestions how to deal with this stress and change my mindset. This day and age no job is secure anymore...
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    If you're being bullied you need to talk to HR, with hard evidence and witnesses.

    If for some reason there is no HR department, you can contact your labour board while you look for a new job.
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    Oh boy, a well known situation - I tried going fully down from work related stress.

    I understand your fear of loosing the job, but doing everything to keep a job like described, just isn't worth the aftermath from potentially snapping.

    Learning to handle bullying types is hardcore studies into one's self, one's ability to handle such abuse, psychology and how narcissists and psychopath-bordering types operates and thrives on other people - because this very often is what's going on in cases with bullying types.

    I agree with the above on using the HR department, if possible.
    And also agree that looking for a new job might fall under the heading prudent planning..
    One thing you should determine about your self is whether this is indeed happening at the job, or if you're taking things too close to heart, as well as if you have the qualifications required.
    Not saying this is, or sounds, so; just that there are times when we place the burden on others because we're ill-adapted to see within.

    There are times to cope and work on getting the best out what's available, and there are time to adhere to the fact that not all situations are resolvable.
    And family matters should rank above anything else. Don't take that risk, dude, 'cos divorce may easily follow suit..

    Best of luck towards building your own Better Worlds.
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    I agree with you when it comes to the lack of job security. I live in a "right to work state" which means i can be dismissed for any reason (most likely performance). My advice is save save, save, save. These days it takes months of looking to find a good job. You'll feel a lot less stress if you have 6 months (or more) of salary squirreled away. I drive old cars, no financing, liability insurance, fix everything myself, no credit cards, live frugally, and save for that rainy day. This also keeps me from being a wage slave.
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