Custom 2x15 "help a noob" thread (oz dudes pls hlp)

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by caspian, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm looking at upgrading my setup to a 2x15 cab. My old orange 2x12 was nicked years ago, i'm back to a pissy 1x12 etc etc. Without wanting to rationalise it too much, I find the idea of a 2x15 really cool. A proper rig of doom.

    Main problem- well really there's a few problems, is:
    1. Very few half decent 2x15s in oz. I want a cab that will be the last cab I'll ever own, so I'm not inclined to get a rubbish/cheap one.
    2. I have very little brand knowledge about cabs, so I got no idea which custom cabs are good. Yeah a Sunn cab would be cool but good luck with that- and this is compounded by the fact that
    3. I'm in Australia. So the local custom cabs- none of which have impressed me that much, to be honest- are extremely expensive, but anything from overseas is real death by shipping kinda stuff.
    4. I have no idea about speaker brands beyond "Celestion and Eminence are apparently cool".

    So any good advice about good 2x15 cabs that are easily available, good speakers to consider, are overseas options worthwhile, etc etc- that would all be appreciated.

    If it helps your reply, yeah, I live in West Australia, I've got an orange dual terror through either a Les Paul or an ESP baritone, I mostly play doom and sorta shoegaze/drone/psych stuff, with a bit of thrash. A pretty generic pedalboard too. Cheers guys
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    If i were you id buy a used large 2x12, take out the speakers and widen the speaker holes with a jig saw or something and buy a couple 15" speakers to through in.
    Id go with the eminence 15" big bens. They sound like theyd be perfect! 225w each! You could crank that shit and bring down buildings! 101 sensitivity! Affordable! And its description is...
    "A very big, clean and warm British sound. A somewhat throaty tone with fat bass and smooth highs"
    Sounds perfect for doom!
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