Critique my mix of a Glenn Fricker demo

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by will_shred, Mar 10, 2018.

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    I'm pretty happy with how it sounds, I really tried to be gentle with the dynamics and EQ to not crush the mix. I'm pretty happy with the overall sound, it sounds very different from Glenn's but I don't think it sounds bad, which is a good start. The absolute hardest parts for me was to get the "explosive" snare and tom sound, which I still think I fell short on, but this is the best I've been able to do so far. For the guitars I used a high pass filter and a 2db reduction at 1700hz which I think removed some of the more honky qualities of the guitar. The overheads were gently (4:1) compressed with Reaper's 1175, as well as a high pass filter. The bass amp was let alone save for a mirror EQ with the kick, and the bass DI I used positive grid bias recto amp to get a really "shitty" distorted tone that was placed about 5db lower than the main bass, this advice is taken from Glenn himself and other metal producers, I think it works well. I've probably put like 4-5 hours overall into mixing this 45 seconds of music, but its been a great learning process. I'm really trying to get the best sound possible with my stock reaper and free plugins before I even think about dumping money into higher end plugins/outboard gear.

    My mix

    Glenn's mix (starts around 2:45)

    While I have your attention, I'm also going to be producing my first metal band. My audio professor has agreed to let me start my capstone project a semester early, so I have the chance to record my friends band on an API vision console with access to amazing recording rooms and just about any microphone my heart desires. I'll be posting about the recording process periodically, wish me luck!
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    Guitars sound good! Only thing is that there's a sudden jump up in volume when the solo harmony comes in.

    The bass could use some more cutting through for note definition.

    The drums sound a bit like a basement recording. The snare is dry, boxy, and far away, while the toms suddenly stick out way louder. Kick is fine but could cut through more.

    I hope you find this constructive!

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