Bugera 6262 Weird Issue

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    Hi there,

    The other day I tried to turn on my 6262 Infinium but I noticed the power light didn't come on when flipped. The tubes still looked like they were warming up though, so I let them and noticed that the standby off light didn't light up either when flipped. All I get is a loud hum from the speaker (can't play anything) and an EXTREMELY bright blue and orange glow and a lot of mechanical "ticking" (you hear it if you turn off the amp too fast).

    I want to know, what are the chances it's a power-tube issue? I don't use the amp that much so I don't think they've had much wear & tear. I changed fuse in amp to no avail so it's not that. I'd like to know what that really unusual bright glow indicates... Pics (terrible quality but you'll get idea) of tube appearance on standby and off (the blue bright one) Thanks!

    Edit: sorry I'll have to wait til I can get to my PC, it says the pics are too large at the min!
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