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Discussion in 'Bass Guitar Discussion' started by KD0991, Sep 18, 2018.

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    Jan 14, 2015
    Looking for opinions on a bass rig. I'm a guitarist, but would like to have a bass around too for when friends come over that play bass and for me to mess around with too.

    Needs to be able to keep up with my EVH 5150 III 50W into a 2x12.

    Something versatile as well for rock, metal, blues, punk, funk, country.

    Looking at a budget of around $700 for a bass and an amp.

    Been looking at squier vintage modified 70s jazz, squier vintage modified precision pj, sterling Ray's, ibanez SR for basses.

    For amps been looking at fender rumble, ampeg, peavey max. Just dont know how many watts I need to keep up with my 50w tube amp. I've been told between 2-4x the wattage.

    Let me know your opinions/experiences/recommendations.
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    I would go with Ampeg, only becasue I love them

    TBH go to a store and try them all. All of those basses can do the styles of music that you want, basses are more versatile than guitars. There no a "humbucker for metal, single coil for cleans" kinda rule. But in htere you got the 4 main pickup configurations JJ PJ MM Humbucker. What sound you want its up to go, go and try them, thye all sound different and would react different to a pick or finger or slap

    Same with the amp. Narrow it down to a few you want, then go and try them. For a while I was almost set on a Warwick amp, until the day I try it and I end up like "uhg, this is it?...... nope" it was so quiet for a decent sized amp

    after you try stuff around, then go online and search those for second hand, as with that budget not sure if you could get both, specially a big enough amp

    that would do the job mroe than fine, nice big 15" speaker, 150w, overdrive effect included (the scrambler is not amazing, but hey it comes free with the amp), line out, and you can even put it as a floor wedge. Good price too

    also, you dont really "need" a massive rig. Back in my country I played for 5 years or so in any different scenario from bassement band practice, rock, jazz, small bars, food courts, small theatre stage, medium sized stages ect, with my Crate BX50 combo amp. Only couple of times I have it at 90% level, but for the rest it worked more than fine. And saved me the trouble of transporting a bigger thing

    if you cant hear it over your 5150, then turn the guitar down. But I recon that Ampeg would be way loud enough
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    I've been an SWR guy for years, I still love my old Bass 350 head. Fantastic tone, but obviously they're no longer with us. So I recently purchased a Hartke LH1000 new and I'm very impressed. It's sounds great, and @1000 watts it's got loads of power and headroom, and it's only $500 brand new. I've been running it bridged through an old 6x10. Dudes like Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, and Dave Ellefson are endorsers and users of the LH1000. And the LH500, the 500 watt version, is only $350 new.

    The only real downside to it is it's super simple. With only the 3 band EQ it doesn't have a lot of tone shaping. But that's not a super big deal to me personally. Also weighing in at at 31 pounds the head ain't exactly light.

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