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    Everyone looks around when buying a Overdrive pedal cause certain ones do things better then other ones will do like the Boss Blues Driver will be better for bluesy leads and nice smooth lead tone not much for adding tightness for metal, where others will buy a Ibanez TS808/TS9 for metal rhythm playing and ERG to tighten up the low end!

    Well this Airis I find covers pretty much every application I've ever needed it to I have owned it for 6 months now and really enjoy the tones I get from it, I primarily use it like a Tube Screamer, tighten up my muddy low end on my 7 string and for metal but sometimes I play my strat and use it like I would use the Blues Driver and with the features packed into this thing it just works wonderfully.

    I gave the "ease of use" a 3/5 because when you first try this pedal you are lost, it has no indication of what is what so it is a bit of a learning curve when you first get it, (this was a one off and his one offs along with prototypes do come with a blank casing, but his production ones where he makes more then one have a graphic and labels etc) but once you get used to it, it becomes a very useful tool!

    Customer Service is also on a whole other level, fast response via facebook or email, there really is no service for it as you are always speaking to the same guy who makes the pedals, they are all hand made buy one guy and he does all the emails and everything so it is really good that way I find since you really get to create a personal relation with the guy making it and I like when I can say hey I know the guy who makes my pedal and he is a really cool dude!

    I gave this pedal an overall 4/5 and the only thing holding it back from a 5/5 is if I had the labels to begin with but you can always write it on with a permanent marker!

    I suggest if you are looking for a great and killer OD pedal that you look up Airis Effects, he has a lot more than just OD pedals now also, he has a delay, pre amp pedal and a boost pedal along with a Custom Shop so for a little bit extra you can basically get your dream pedal made!

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