2014/2015 Caparison Dellinger 7 m3 vs 2015 Dellinger 7 Prominence

Discussion in 'Guitar Reviews' started by gearwh0re, Jul 3, 2015.

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    Before switching over to Caparison TAT 7 SP's I was using Dellingers. I felt obligated to post up an in depth review of the 2014 models and how they compare to the 2015's.

    Starting at the overall appearance of the guitar, the finishes are stunning and unique on every guitar. I owned both a Snowstorm and a Dark Rose, both were very regal looking instruments and depending on light could vary wildly. I really enjoyed how the Dark Rose looked under stage lights, the snowstorm was awesome as well, but the dark rose always seemed to be super purple on stage. The Snowstorm looked grey a lot of the time, but when stage lights hit it, it really seemed to liven up and take on the colors more than the Dark Rose. Either way, they're all quite beautiful.


    The neck on it is absurd in every way. The binding is and inlays are exacting and very well done. The fretwork on both was beyond expectation. I'm used to taking my guitars to Denny Rauen in Milwaukee, he's one of the very best luthiers. You can thank him for compound radius necks (multi radius as he used it in the 1978 publication in American Lutherie and String Instrument Craftsman.). Needless to say, his work is incredible. But out of the box it was perfect in every way. With other manufactures I've found myself nitpicking or dropping my new guitar off to make it perfect. Moving forward the neck has a perfect carve, not super thin but nothing that makes it feel thick. Very comfortable and flowing.

    The pickups, this is a sensitive subject for some that live for pickup hype. I'm not going to bull........ I swapped the pickups in both of them and sold my pickups. For some reason I thought this was a good idea.... Later I found myself regretting changing them. They're very articulate pickups you just have to get the feel for them. Different isn't always better. I tired several sets in both and found that the stock pickups just matched the guitars better. They slay!

    Original Floyd rose needs needs no review, if you're a trem guy it's what you likely use.

    Overall I think if you're into bolt on 7's they're great. They're solid as a rock and are worthy of any abuse you can put them through. I wish I had enough disposable income to have kept them, I miss them often.

    Mashing it up a bit, I spent some serious time at NAMM playing the Trans Spectrum Red Dellinger 7 Prominence. They really refined to overall feel of the instrument. I was quickly swayed to a neckthru tat 7 sp, simply because I prefer neckthru instruments in general. But having spent well over a year playing the Dellinger 7 m3's, I can speak for the improvements on the newer model clearly.

    First off, they did one thing that really really made life easier. As I mentioned before the pickups are actually pretty awesome.... But when I did change them out I had problems fitting some covered pickups into the route. I went as far as using a dynofile to take down the edges of an EMG 56-7/57-7 set to make them barely fit. The pickup routes on the 2015 models are slightly larger. A small tweak but definitely notable.

    They slightly arched the top on the model in 2015. This made the guitar feel less rigid, a much more defined superstrat 7 than the previous offerings. Though it's a slight tweak, I have to say that it makes the guitar overall more inviting. Not that the 2014 models were bad, I just found the newer model to have a more natural feel to it.

    The biggest difference is the neck pocket and body though. If my memory serves me, I'm pretty sure the body itself is a tad thinner than it was before. The neck pocket seems to be a little deeper in the guitar, everything just feels lower and better. You'd have to compare the two of them in person, but if I had to pick I'd take the 2015 model. I had a hard time at NAMM not getting the Dellinger 7 Prominence. I loved my Delli's.... Still kinda pissed I sold them. The TAT 7 SP was clearly the winner for me though ;)

    All in all I can't say enough good things about Caparison Guitars. Itaru is an artist in every sense of the word. At NAMM when the booth would cool down a bit, I'd catch him meticulously wiping down the handled instruments. Often with a smile on his face as he placed it back up. You can tell this man is truly proud of his creations, with good cause.

    As I mentioned in a previous review, I spoke at length with the director about the company itself and was incredibly impressed with his words. I boast that he is equally proud of Caparison and is thoughtfully executing a sustainable business model. What I mean when I say this is they're not hyped up or this months flavor trend nor are they looking to be. They want to ensure that you are confident that you've received the finest instrument possible and nothing less. Built in small numbers to scarily exact specifications. Click here and scroll down a bit to check out some factory action on twitter!

    If and when I open a mortar and brick establishment Caparison will be my very first choice for my high end offerings. :hbang:

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    This brand seems to make good guitars, I would like some diversity in their offering though. They all seem the same.
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    It took me a little while to get used to the pickups on my cap 7 but I love the tone and response of the highs. It absolutely sings and I find expressing myself much better. I have always been a rhythm player but now I find myself playing more leads than ever. Its a guitar a take more seriously than others Ive played and play it every day without fail.

    My only gripe was that for whatever reason the neck on the guitar was not aligned properly to the fixed bridge and the frets needed leveling sightly. I find that a difficult thing to say on a forum because of caparisons reputation but I also own a 6 string cap which is flawless.

    Other things that bother me is that the hardware is very delicate and has worn with very minor use. The floyd rose parts also have rusted quickly.

    However I wouldnt give them up for the world. They just simply a joy to play and despite the work needed on my 7 string it feels like my own.

    I gutted I didnt wait a year for the 2014 range for the floyd rose version but there we go.
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    :bowdown:One of my absolute dream guitars
    Those 7-Strings look and sound so incredible. I'm really thinking of selling off my current arsenal and getting one.
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    I'm very glad that I stumbled upon this review. I have been looking at adding a Caparison 7 to my own lineup. So this was perfect timing.

    I was aware that they discontinued the 2014 Dellinger 7 M3 models, but if wasn't sure what for. Looking at the newer 2015 Dellinger Prominence 7, it looks just as (if not more) promising. I'll be keeping a closer eye on Caparison now.

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