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Feb 19, 2018
Jul 15, 2007
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Mar 5, 1979 (Age: 39)
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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SS.org Regular, 39, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Feb 19, 2018
    1. warlock7strEMG
      I do have the Spotify app on my iPhone
    2. TheSymphony
      Are you using Spotify on some kind of device (Android / IOS / PC / MAC)?

      It will make my help-out "request" a little bit easier ;)
    3. TheSymphony
      Hello, mate!

      Wanna help me a little with a guitar tone specific thing, that is brain....ing me a lot. Please? :)
    4. FoxZero
      Nice Warlock man, I couldn't be more in love with my USA. I almost won a P7 about a year and a half ago, only reason I lost is because I forgot my new password lol.
    5. Josh Lawson
    6. sPliNtEr_777
      Hey man,
      Yeah nice to hear from ya, your warlock has a different, strat style bridge to mine, did you fit that? Also, its in much much better knick than mine, I can't see a single ding or chip- its immaculate! The fretboard looks much better than mine too... Its a lovely guitar!!!

      With regards to the Rivera, yeah, that is the Mick sig model, and I used to own the first one in Britain. Cost me £1500/$3000(ish) new, but I only had the head, I dont own a cab, so I could only ever use it at my guiatr teacher's place, which got tedious so I sold it to him. Worst day ever:noplease:... But as for tone, yeah, it's a beast! I have to say, in my opinion, it is the best head in the world (but only if you're a metalman)! I've been meaning to sort out my gear list- there's been some changes :D

      I think you should put Blackout(s) in your Warlock, they really complement the resonance of the guitar as is, and are soooooo heavy it's awesome!:hbang:

      Once I figure out how to work photobucket to do a picstory I'll post a thread about my P7's mods so you can see the finished thing. In addition to the stuff you already know about I've put a Gibson style selector switch ring on it, and am thinking about ordering a custom truss rod cover from Dave@fretsonthenet, so should be cool. Keep me posted and I shall do the same, rock on bruv:shred:
    7. sPliNtEr_777
      Hey hey, thanks for the specs on your warlock man, it's actually quite scary, but you had had the exact same idea as me. atm I'm in the process of swapping out all my old chrome hardware with black stuff, like you said!

      I started a thread a week or two ago with my master plans for this bad boy, and so far it's been off with the old BCR tuners, which as you said, have the tuning stability you would find on tuners made of chocolate, and I've plonked on some Planet Waves Auto-Trim Lok Tuners (did it yesterday believe it or not!) And today I started one the more subtle mods, I filled in the spaces inbetween the serial no. and the BCR logo on the neck bolt backplate with black gloss enamel, looks uber classy! Also in the worx I've got a Tonepros TOM bridge in black, black hipshot o-ring speed knobs, black schaller strap locks and, yeah you guessed it, BLACK pickup rings in the mail! (I ordered them from guitar parts depot so I have to wait for international shipping :( )

      I have actually recieved a huuuge amount of compliments about how sexy the chrome hardware on the gloss body is, but I still fancied a change, it'll look the sex all decked out in stealth black!

      The Blackouts are, wait for it... AWESOME!!! I was gonna go for EMG 707s or 81-7s but I already have three EMG equipped guitars and I fancied a change. But boy, did I almost die when I put that 9v battery in and turned on my amp... sooooooooo much sustain, lows which are perfectly balanced by mids and highs and a cutting tone not dissimilar to that of an EMG 81 with a healthy shot of preamp. Dude, if you can afford to ditch those 707s and put blackouts in there, DO IT NOW!

      I look forward to seeing those pics of yours, and keep an eye out for some pics of my nu hardware. keep in touch and, oh, of course, ROCK AAAWN :shred:!!!
    8. sPliNtEr_777
      Duuude!!!! I've never met anyone else with a Warlock P7 before!!! Sssup! You show me your P7 and I'll show you mine, haha!:lol:


      Fancy givin me full specs on yours and I'll do likewise (pics would be nice too, I'd love to see how my baby's long lost brother looks!)

      Rock on bruv :hbang:
    9. K7_Munky
      Sup bro Im just messing with my guitars how about you?
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    Mar 5, 1979 (Age: 39)
    Home Page:
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Primary Seven:
    Dean EVO 7 string
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    The Enclave
    Primary ERG:
    Agile Septor Elite 727 EB
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    -BC Rich Warlock Platinum series 7 string in black with an EMG 707 in the bridge.
    -Samick SKN700 7 string in trans green with Seymour Duncan 7 string Blackout AHB-1N in the bridge.
    -Agile Septor Elite 727 EB CP Nat Mahog, all stock but soon to have a Seymour Duncan Nazgül in the bridge.
    -Dean EVO 7 Special 7 string in Quilted AmberBurst, all stock but soon to have BKP Alnico Warpig in the bridge and TonePros bridge.
    -Krank Krankenstein Plus head(newer version, 6550 power tubes and upgraded transformers)

    -Peavey Butcher 120 all tube head(essentially Peavey's ripoff of the JCM800 2203 but with 6L6's)
    Effects & Pedals:
    -Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer(used to boost the Butcher)

    -Digitech Bad Monkey OD pedal(used to boost the Krank)
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    -Genz Benz GFlex 412 cab loaded with 2 Eminence Governors on top and 2 Randall RES-80 Jaguar speakers from the 80's on bottom.

    -Peavey 412M cab(old version with cloth grill and stock Celestion G12K85's aka G12K100's).
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Boombox!!! Just kidding.....

    Usually my iPhone using GarageBand.
    Misc/Other Gear:
    my drums:
    Pacific FS all birch 6 piece kit
    -(2)22x18 kicks with Remo Powerstroke 3 heads(coated front, clear batter)
    -10x8, 12x9 and 14x12 toms(all with Remo coated Ambassador batters and Remo clear Ambassador resonant heads)
    -Pearl 14x5 Chad Smith signature series snare with Remo CS-X batter and clear Ambassador snareside
    -Paiste Rude series cymbals(14in hi hats, 16in and 18in crash/rides, 20 inch Power Ride) Paiste 16 inch PST3 crash. No name 16 inch China and 8 inch Sabian splash(both so
    im 37 and i play drums and guitar

    playing music, listening to music, eating, hangin out, watching movies....anything fun


    Yahoo! Messenger: