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    1. Najka
      yeah, there is a slight bow in the middle. (very slightly. No one else notices it) I did put a support going across the bottom, I failed to document it. I only used 1 2x4 to support it and I should have nailed it sideways, instead I put it flat against the bottom of the table and it is sagging just like the top. If I re did it, I would have made a frame for the table. Something like this, http://cds.a9t2h4q7.hwcdn.net/main/store/20090519001/items/media/BuildingMaterials/BM_Xtreme/ProductLarge/136-7420.jpg maybe even add a couple more 2x4's going down the middle. Then the desk wouldn't sag. I rushed my project, the whole thing was done in less then 5 days and that includes waiting for the stain to dry and poly to cure. My build is still really solid though! This desk will hold up forever and I can add more support to it whenever I want. It was a learning experience for me.
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