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Nov 22, 2017 at 1:37 PM
Sep 22, 2007
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3D designer, writer, batchelor of life; formerly s

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ShredNeck into Beck, from Cosmos

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Nov 22, 2017 at 1:37 PM
    1. vansinn
      Currently a Bit inactive; life hits hard at times. Apartment lost, guitars on a camping site less than ideal.
      I'll testify to the mantra that "Making a comeback can be more difficult than the first time, when you only had to come"
      I have 24/7 contact to Cosmos and the akachic, but still can't peek'n'poke the lotto numbers to cover the residual debt.
      I need job and living space. And a good ol' BJ - anyone got a mom to spare.. :spock: oh well.. ;)
    2. vansinn
      Well, thanks Ruins - I know of you too as long time poster in here.
      Ich spreche auch (so-so) Deutsch, das muss man doch ;)
    3. Ruins
      you are a nice fellow that i am fallowing for a while now and i am glad to see you are still hanging here around.
      its the first time i am checking your profile and now that i see your other interests besides guitar i really felt like saying directly hallow to you good sir! :)
    4. vansinn
      Yo mclean, good to see ya! nah, I'm only here'n'there and somewhere I dare like here :lol:
    5. mcleanab
      Hey VS! You are everywhere! How are you, sir!!!
    6. vansinn
      Yo filipe, I believe you should take some time going through a number of threads on this subject before ordering. I'm not at all an expert, just because I bought the Riot ;), so let's not start a separate discussion here.
      For downtuning I feel at least 27" may be wanted. I tune mine higher, so 26.5" works well.
      But this is very subjective. Some likes heavier strings, some (like me) can't make them work.
    7. filipe200x
      Hey Van, how is going? Sorry to message you...We don't know each other, but i wanted to ask you, what scale lenght is good for perfect intonation on an 8 string? I'm thinking of ordering one, and would like to know the best lenght. :)
    8. scherzo1928
      dunno about "works" lol. I'm certainly learning about patience though.
    9. dpm
      Hey no problem. This luthier stuff is far easier to explain face to face than it is in written word. Don't start me on that cat :lol: Every time I lie down he's sitting on my chest sniffing my face. If you ever feel lonely and unloved get yourself a Devon Rex. Problem solved.
    10. Trespass
      Hey man how you doing?
    11. vansinn
      Hey, nice of you dropping in :) I believe you have to honour of being the first..
    12. Desecrated
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    3D designer, writer, batchelor of life; formerly s
    Real Name:
    Iam Gaian
    Other Guitars:
    '73 Dan Armstrong: all-mahogany, MightyMite ToM/tail + MotherBucker pup
    ADA MP-2 and MB-1
    Effects & Pedals:
    Digitech TSR-24S and Lexicon Vortex for solo delays
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Using MP-2 analog cab filter as DI, no amps/speakers.
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    All sold for gold and titanium - relocating to Mars
    History, filosophy, geo-politics, genology, technology, meditation


    Yoda says "Do or do not, there is no try..."
    van Sinn... says, stop second guessing the past, keep pushing, or risk getting left behind
    Todd Rungren said... "There is no justice outside the law, but if you know the law, you can use it"