Aug 7, 2008
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Milwaukee, WI
Beer. Seriously.

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Likes trem wankery., from Milwaukee, WI

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    1. skeels
      Cool. Hopefully I won't be working too late. Will keep in touch during the week man.
    2. skeels
      Next weekender an evening would work. Say Saturday? Hm. I could host. I've got work for the next twelve days straight so it won't be a late one.
    3. skeels
      Hey Max- hope you're doing good. Hoping you could change my thread "Tips on fanned frets? " to "Fanned fret build" or something. Thanks man. We should get together again some time, maybe indoors. It's cold. :)
    4. SYLrules88
      Hey there, I see you're selling your carvin v3 head. I was wondering your opinion on the new power tubes you installed? I'm thinking I could benefit from some new tubes in mine but dont know whether i should change out the pre's, power's, or both.
    5. Bloody_Inferno
      Hi Max

      Can you please change the title of this thread to "Deluhi Megathread (All things Deluhi, Undivide and beyond)"? The thread has long evolved and requires a title change.

      Thanks in advanced. :cheers:
    6. Detested
      Hey Max,want to post pics of my 7620 I just bought,is this possible thru an iPhone?What app do I need?Have photobucket app,but only posts to twit and face sites or can I get to a computer then my photobucket to S.S. site?Read you may be able to help,this rg is beautifully brutal!
      Thanks alot
    7. ZEBOV
      I love you bro (´・ω・`)
    8. brutalwizard
      ahh okay sorry about that
    9. Polythoral
      Do you have many custom guitars? I see you live in Wisconsin too and the highest end guitar I've ever played is probably just a JPX, I'd love to see how a decent custom feels.
    10. L1ght
    11. L1ght
      First, my bad, the rules used to say 150 posts. I didn't know they changed.

      Najka has been here less then 6 months, about 4, but does have over 100 posts. Not sure if you have to meet BOTH requirements, or just one, sorry about that.

      The guy selling the jaden rose was my mistake, like I said above, I thought the rules were still 150 posts not 100.

      Sorry :/
    12. LLink2411
      Did you know Tokai is releasing the MIJ pink paisley tele reissues over in the US this year? I read you were looking for one on this one thread.
    13. Polythoral
      Any chance I can get away posting in trade forums right. Now? I really wanna.find a Mayones to purchase, plus have an EBMM and a Jackson to sell. D:
    14. LaPerraLoca
      have you ever owned the sc-608b ?
    15. Murmel
      Lulz neg-comments as well. "You should have known where this thread was going and accepted it."

    16. Murmel
      I'm a teenage socially awkward pop-head.. :ugh:
    17. Murmel
      Thanks (I guess...?) for closing the Katy thread.

      It's sad that people feel the need to troll threads just because they think the music sucks, or it's an attractive female with big tits.

      I thought I could have a genuine, serious discussion about her music, but I probably hoped for too much.
    18. Church2224
      Also, Custom beer?? How does that work, because that sounds awesome.
    19. Church2224
      Well, you got a point there. Never knew you could get custom golf clubs.

      You make a good point, companies should do a better job of at least giving realistic estimates to people. I do not mind waiting, just tell me the exact wait period, give or take a week or to.

      I will not argue with the almighty Max of Metal anymore :lol:
    20. Chickenhawk
      My bad. His info was bad, though.

      Regardless, I'll tone it down :yesway:
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    Milwaukee, WI
    Beer. Seriously.
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