Aug 7, 2008
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Milwaukee, WI
Beer. Seriously.

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Likes trem wankery., from Milwaukee, WI

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    1. Polythoral
    2. Lindseydurham
      I bought a guitar at guitar center in December and I know it is a ibanez acoustic electric exotic wood edition. I've looked everywhere on the Internet and can't find this particular guitar. I know the woods can vary but I can't find what it might be. I even typed the serial number into google and still can't find it. It is ew20sge nt 3t 02. Please help me. I wish I could post a picture of it because that would help but I'm on a mobile device and can't.
    3. engage757
      I am in Wisconsin again. Wish I wasn't leaving so fast. Your Guitar Centers are even worse than a normal one. :D Beautiful weather though! I see why people can dig Wisconsin now!
    4. Symb0lic
      Hey Max, since I followed your advice and filed down the tuning peg hole on my RG, I've not had any more string breakages. Thanks again for your help.
    5. VBCheeseGrater
      Hello Max - are links to Ebay sales allowed in the classified section if the ad is structured as the rules instruct? I have an ebay auction going that i think members would be interested in
    6. engage757
      Dang bro! Gonna be flying into milwaukee tomorrow night! Thant sucks man!
    7. engage757
      Dude. Where in Wisconsin are you? I am going to be at that Soilwork show on Sunday!
    8. Polythoral
      Do you know of any experienced and reliable techs in Wisconsin?
    9. engage757
    10. Steven B
      Steven B

      I accidentally posted my NGD in the seven string guitar section instead of Extended range guitar.
      Could you move it please.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.
    11. Stealthdjentstic
      You missed out on a LACS for $700 :fawk:
    12. Stealthdjentstic
      Jesus m8, check yo FB messages!
    13. tedtan
      Happy New Year. May it bring you health, success and happiness.
    14. L1ght
      Hey Max, where there any 6 string MIJ Ibbys that played like 7620's/7420's? I'm looking for a nice MIJ Ibby with quality near those 7's. I love both those RG7's, but I like my 6 strings better.. :/
    15. Shrooms
      Hey, have you ever heard of an Ibanez SR 855? It's a 5 string bass. I just picked it up off of used guitar center for 225, just wondering if I could get some info on it before it arrives. I'm thinking it's not an 855, it was a type in the ad, and that it's an 885. If you know anything let me know, thanks!
    16. fabriarockz
      You people have the right to disagree, but I think I have the right to defend myself having a chance to clarify on that thread that I'm not a thief nor I do want to steal anything from anybody!
    17. fabriarockz
      Man, I guess you're the one that got my thread closed before I even had the chance to reply to that Hollowway user. And now thanks to him everyone that will read about that will think I'm a motherfucking scammer thief!! Sorry man, but I'm NOT!
      And on what base you judged that request is in fact Illegal?
    18. PyramidSmasher
      killer. Black looks better anyway!
    19. PyramidSmasher
      Hey dude do you have any idea why my RGA121 doesnt have a rosewood headstock overlay? It's an 07 and all the other ones from that year have it. Kind of a niche question bit I figured either you or someone you know would know
    20. Stealthdjentstic
      Office Space TPS Reports - YouTube
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    Beer. Seriously.
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