Aug 24, 2010
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Deep Southeast

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Knee-shooting Archer, from Deep Southeast

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    Deep Southeast
    Primary Seven:
    Schecter KM-7 MK-II (BP)
    Main Rig:
    Axe-Fx III + Kemper
    Primary ERG:
    Agile Intrepid Pro 828
    Other Guitars:
    Ibanez bass
    Axe-Fx III
    Axe-Fx II XL+
    Effects & Pedals:
    Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal
    DigiTech JamMan Solo XT
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Electro-Voice ZLX-12P
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Focusrite 2i4
    JBL LSR 308 set
    Once upon a time...

    Guitar (obviously), photography, computers, other tech, the outdoors


    But he turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You shall form an essential part of my backline." - prlgmnr
    You can click on the items to be taken to their NGD/NPD/etc post.
    Feel free to ask questions about any of the stuff. I like to help people when I can. It makes me feel justified in being a gear hoarder. :lol:

    "Amps": Fractal Axe-Fx III, Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL+, and Kemper Profiler (rackmount)
    Speakers: JBL LSR308s and Electro-Voice ZLX-12P
    Picks: BlueChip TAD60-1R, Wegen (Trimus 350), PurplePlectrums (Mid-Tech UHMWPE Scallon, Torlon PAI Shield), Winspear, Dunlop Jumbo Flow 3mm
    Agile Intrepid Pro 728 (Charcoal) w/ SD Blackout set (will swap)
    Agile Septor Elite 727 SS (Oceanburst Flame) w/ Bare Knuckle Juggernaut set (alnico 5 + ceramic) (might swap to Seymour Duncan Omega/Alpha set)
    Agile Septor Pro 728 (Charcoal) w/ Guitarmory Red Stone set (alnico 5)
    Agile Septor 727 (Tribal Red) w/ Guitarmory Polaris set (ceramic) {amazing pickups}
    Agile Legacy 727 (DBBR) w/ Cepheus passive set
    PRS SE SVN (Gray Black) w/ Guitarmory Orion set (alnico 5)
    Schecter C-7 Apocalypse w/ Schecter Apocalypse-VII set (alnico 5 + ceramic) {amazing pickups}
    Schecter KM-7 MK-II (Black Pearl) w/ Guitarmory Atlas set (alnico 5) {amazing guitar and pickups}

    NGD posts (or post addendums) coming soon for these (in planned order):
    • Washburn Parallaxe Solar 17ETC w/ Duncan Solar set
    • Agile Intrepid Pro 828 (Oceanburst Flame) w/ Cepheus passive set (doing a Guitarmory Voyager rewind likely)
    • Schecter C-7 SLS Elite (Black Fade Burst) w/ Fishman Fluence Modern set (might swap for Tosin Abasi set)
    • Schecter KM-7 MK-II (Natural Pearl) w/ Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow set {amazing guitar and pickups}
    • Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 w/ Guitarmory Foxbat set (ceramic)
    • Schecter KM-7 MK-II (Natural Pearl) w/ MojoTone Black Magic set (alnico 5 + ceramic) {amazing guitar and pickups}
    • Jericho Elite 7 (Satin White) w/ DiMarzio Titan set (seem a bit thin, maybe swapping to Guitarmory Polaris set?)
    • Solar A1.7 BOP Artist LTD w/ Duncan Solar set (will swap)
    • WAITING ON: Schecter KM-7 MK-III (Blue Crimson) (swapping to Guitarmory Foxbat AlNiCo 5 set maybe)
    • WAITING ON: ??? arriving Friday 10/5/2019 :yum:
    • WAITING ON: ??? arriving next year :)
    FAMILY PICTURE :wub::metal:

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