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    1. HeHasTheJazzHands
    2. s_k_mullins
      Well if you pick up an Edwards LP I'll be curious to hear your opinion of it. I'm currently working on getting a few other guitars. But an Edwards is definitely on my GAS list.
    3. s_k_mullins
      Their 67 style V's are pretty killer too.
    4. s_k_mullins
      Awesome! Thanks man. I've been GASsing for an Edwards LP and an Edwards Explorer.
    5. s_k_mullins
      Hey man. I came across your comments about getting an Edwards. Just curious, are there any Edwards dealers in the U.S.? Or do you have to get them on eBay and such?
    6. Dawn of the Shred
      Dawn of the Shred
      Yeah i have the ebony board strat and maple board tele. And i find the tele a lil brighter cause of the maple then the strat even though the tele has more wood. I like both but i play the strat most.
    7. Dawn of the Shred
      Dawn of the Shred
      Thanks man. Il proly just end up with both lol. I have the strat in black and the tele in black already. Both are just great guitars
    8. Dawn of the Shred
      Dawn of the Shred
      How is the jim root jazzmaster? How does it feel/sound. Is it more like the strat or tele? I dont know if i want a another strat or the jazzmaster. I just love these guitars.
    9. Scruffy1012
      Hey man, congrats on the new 2014 RD, just wondering where you got it from ? been looking everywhere for one lol, cheers!
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