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Nov 25, 2009
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Mar 17, 1987 (Age: 31)
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Badhoevedorp, the Netherlands
Student & part-time waiter

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Of Blood and Sawdust, 31, from Badhoevedorp, the Netherlands

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Mar 12, 2017
    1. The Spanish Inquisition
      The Spanish Inquisition
      Helaas, was wel een mooi dingetje, hoewel de kleur niet zozeer mijn ding was. Waarom deed je 'm weg?
    2. The Spanish Inquisition
      The Spanish Inquisition
      Ah, een mede-Hollander! Ik heb je RGD eens een keer langs zien komen op marktplaats, zou dat kunnen?
    3. Stealthdjentstic
    4. Junnage
      Regarding your RGA/D 8 string:

      That's a fantastic looking RGA/D! I wish I could buy it but I'm on the other side of the atlantic
    5. soliloquy
      regarding the ed roman thread:

      i know, esp/schecter/dean/bc rich and number other companies didn't say/do anything to stop cort from doing so. they could have by threatening cort to terminate their contract if cort doesn't fix it. since cort makes more money through ibanez, than themselves, that is something they personally can not do.

      on top of that, cort moved to indonesia and china. thats the same time when ibanez, and LTD that were made in indonesia were popping out. so i wont be surprised if cort is still making ibanez guitars.

      i dont know about the premium line though. MAYBE the japanez trained guys are working in the same building/factory as cort, or they have their own factory...i'm not sure. but the lower end ibanez, most likely are being made by cort that is operating out of indonesia.
    6. Prydogga
      Sorry, my mistake, meant to say Direct mount, meaning NO pickup rings :D

      Here is a quilt top (Couldn't find a good flame top :p)
      And here is the Horizon III
    7. Prydogga
      Hey dude, this is something I've had in plans for a while, could you kindly do me a mockup of this:
      ESP Horizon 3 Body (Used on Japanese ESPs and Edwards')
      w/ natural flame maple top (Curlier AAA grain if possible)
      Ebony fretboard, no inlays
      (The 6 string headstock on the top with a flame maple veneer to match body)
      black hipshot 6 string bridge
      black tuners
      Dimarzio crunchlab/liquifire looking pickups (Bridge pickup with bar on one coil)
      Direct mount rings
      single volume knob and 3 way switch (Black hardware)

      If you could do this I'd be greatly appreciated, and don't sweat on time, no pressure at all, like you requested :)

      Thanks in advance.
    8. MaxOfMetal
      It's all good man. :)

      You may be able to find the post S7eve made if you look through his past posts, but he may have moved/deleted it at some point. I know it caused a little grief when he did (some folks just don't want to believe).

      I wouldn't say that I'm the most unbiased as far as dealing with Huf goes, as he took it upon himself to attack me a couple times, for doing nothing more than asking a couple questions. Though, I have no reason to lie, or to bash him. I stand to make zero gain.
    9. MaxOfMetal
      Actually there was proof that Huf was making dummy accounts. When S7eve was a Mod he was able to see all their IP addresses, including Huf's, and they all lead to the same Swiss Com IP.
    10. matt397
      Shit, thats awesome ! I didnt think anyone was actually gonna do it. Im excited to see the reuslts. :hbang:
    11. matt397
      Hey, so all I can't find a top view of those volume knobs anywhere, I think Ive looked through 100 pages of crap on google. I think I saw a top angle shot but it was not blue an was not the same style of knob, is it possible to just make it work ? no worries. if it can't be done dont worry about it.
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    Mar 17, 1987 (Age: 31)
    Home Page:
    Badhoevedorp, the Netherlands
    Student & part-time waiter
    Primary Seven:
    Karakter #001 /w OAF neck
    Real Name:
    Primary ERG:
    Customized RGA/D 8
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Karakter #001 /w OAF neck

    Previously owned:

    Ibanez K7
    Ibanez RG 7 EXFX
    Ibanez RG 1527
    Other Guitars:
    Custom self-made Swamp Ash RGA/D 8

    Refinished Ibanez RT 240

    B.C Rich Warlock Bronze (Crappy first guitar I ever owned, around 9 years back :) )
    At the moment just my Pod GX, getting an ENGL e530 though.
    Effects & Pedals:
    None, I dislike effects except for my amps reverb
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Reloop ADM-5 monitor boxes.
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Line 6 studio pod GX, Reaper, various VST's
    I love blue, most of my self-made guitars turn up with some shade of blue!

    Guitars, modding guitars, computers, technology & people


    Intern Communications Manager for the Oakland Axe Factory.