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    1. tacotiklah
      I sent you my contact info. Use as little or as much as you want/need. There are actually a fair number of LGBT people on this forum and even some that fit in the last letter of that acronym. I'm just the only one dumb enough to be open about it. Lol
    2. tacotiklah
      I'm so sorry to hear that sweetie. :'(
      Yeah people (especially family) can be well meaning in what they say and do, but good intentions can't negate the damage those words and actions do.

      HRT and electrolysis are good things to do first. Thanks to penny pinching assholes that bitch about having to foot the bill for transition (they won't, but transphobes be transphobin') insurance companies won't cover it and we get to foot the whole bill, even when we have insurance.
    3. Chuck
      Well cool man. Hope to see you posting more often!
    4. tacotiklah
      Oh shit, I didn't know you were like me in that way. Lol, I spent much of this afternoon trying to figure out what you meant.
      Yeah if you need makeup tips, and other stuff just inbox me so that we can talk more in depth discreetly.
    5. tacotiklah
      Doing alright for the most part. General public still gives me shit, but my gf loves to tell them how it is. :lol:
      I figured I'd end up a straight chick, but bi/lez girls are protective as all hell. I dig it! :lol:
    6. Chuck
      Wow, not bad. Beats my managing gig in pay :lol: I love my job though.
    7. Chuck
      Hey sweet! Where are you working?
    8. Chuck
      Yeah they had me going pretty good there but Ibanez has shown some killer stuff these past couple weeks. Looks like my loyalty isn't going anywhere :lol:
    9. Chuck
      $550. I've got a buyer though
    10. Chuck
      Trans black one
    11. Chuck
      Yeah I've got two RGA's still. Trying to get rid of one, also got a RG2228M recently
    12. Chuck
      Ahh okay gotcha. Well cool! I'm doing really well man. Work is good, school is easy, and I've scored some sweet guitars as of late! hahah
    13. Chuck
      Where you been homie?
    14. Hosam Araby
      Hosam Araby
      Thanks bro :) , i really appreciate your help :)
    15. Hosam Araby
      Hosam Araby
      Blackjack i'm really fond of those, but the skull inlay thing is irritating me really , and if i swept the dimarzio's in the AW-7 with Blackouts or something , wouldn't that fix the dark sound issue ? ...
    16. Hosam Araby
      Hosam Araby
      Dude , i'm completely confused between AW-7 and Schecter SLS C-7 , which do you recommend me ? , regarding that i can't go and try any of 'em because i'm in egypt we don't have these guitars , my uncle is coming from the US and he'll bring me one of em what do you think ?
    17. zimbloth
      I've had it tuned as low as A and it sounds great.
    18. zimbloth
      The 57/08s will handle it just fine, they're just low output but as long as your amp is high-gain it shouldnt be a problem. BKPs would be better but the 57/08s are excellent pickups as is.
    19. themike
      59/09's are killer man! You could also find a set of DGT's used - they pop up from time to time but yeah, I think you'll like the 59/09s!
    20. ScrotieMcBoogerballs
      Damn, dude. That sounds rad as dicks. Post a huge NGD thread when you get it!
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