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Silence is Violence, from Melbourne, Australia

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    1. Mwoit
      Holy shit man, thanks for the bucket load of information! You the best! :D

      I'll give Naren a buzz then, I do remember checking out his band when he posted it here. Would be cool to see a band live (and perhaps random J-Pop, my friends are into some). It's gonna be hard to not buy something, it's gonna be hard to tear myself away from it!

      Thanks a lot man!

      Also, have you finished Star Ocean yet? I've not touched it since, if I remember correctly, I'm at the start of Disc 2. *facepalm*
    2. Scruffy1012
    3. ry_z
      :cool: Glad you like it.
    4. Mwoit
      Yeah, I'm heading for a sweet 5 weeks in Tokyo! One of my mates is an exchange student here, so he's willing to put up with a friend and I in his Tokyo flat free of charge. What a champ.

      That's some cool advice man, I'll definitely check out those stores while I'm there. Looking forward to all the Japan-exclusive models / brands which should be a nifty! Also, I might be hopping over to Osaka and Kyoto for a few days, is there much in terms of guitaring there? (That reminds me, know any good places to find gigs in Japan?)

      ありがとう! :D
    5. Mwoit
      Hey man, how ya doing?

      Just wanting some guitar shop advice here! I'm visiting Tokyo for a month in July (hurrah!) and I'm wondering if you know where the good guitar stores are? I'm trying to plan my trip and hopefully check out some sweet guitars out while I'm there.

      Thanks! o/
    6. ry_z
      YouTube - T.M. Revolution - 11. 09 Lives (CLOUD NINE)

      One of my favorites from the new album, for what it's worth. :coffee:
    7. Shrikkanth
      Cheers bro!
    8. ry_z
      Yeah. Naked Arms, Sword Summit, and Save the One, Save the All are all on it. :yesway:
    9. ry_z
      The new T.M.Revolution album is good, by the way. :P
    10. Shrikkanth
      :O :O! That sounds incredible. I haven't heard most of the stuff you posted on that thread haha but I'm a huge fan of his CT and CC stuff. I recently started working on a cover of the Chrono Trigger main theme too:

      Chrono Trigger Main Theme Work in Progress by darthstegosaurus on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

      Check it out! and yeah the Nobuo Uematsu meet and greet event was at the Sydney Opera house for the Distant Worlds concerts. I see you're from Melbourne; you should've flown over to see it! I flew in from Auckland and it was more than worth the cost of travel. Amazing concert :O
    11. Shrikkanth
      Hey bro HOW in the world did you meet Yasunori Mitsuda??? That's amazing :O
    12. ry_z
      Yeah, their pop-rock stuff is a lot better. Shou's still not the best singer in the world, but on the songs where he can let loose a bit (Rainbows, Cross Game, etc.) he's not bad.

      He's definitely a lot better than when they started though. His vocals on Gradation were almost comically bad. :lol:
    13. ry_z
      Yep, I have both the TMR and ABS sets from Inazuma 2009 and 2010. In HD. :lol:

      Have you seen this? YouTube - Atsushi Sakurai & abingdon boys school - Dress (live) ;)
    14. ry_z
      "I'm still insisting on a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat on the neck for a possible future white Iceman"

      Leda sig much? :lol:
    15. ry_z
      In tangentially-related news, I just payed $32US for one CD. Imports suck. :lol:
    16. ry_z
      also: what :lol:
    17. ry_z
      Dammit, I'm enough of a fangirl to find this adorable. :rofl:
    18. Guitarman700
      Yup. 4arm. great stuff man. I seem to remember you getting an Ibanez endorsment? If so congrats, it's well deserved.
    19. Guitarman700
      Love your band man! :wavey:
    20. Sebastian
      I think we - along with Shawn - Are the only ones left from the old " welcoming committee" :lol:
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