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Silence is Violence, from Melbourne, Australia

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    1. Harry
      Buy my RG1527 and have the complete set of 1527s (I think).............bitch:squint:
    2. Mwoit
      I am in Nakano, chilling at my mates flat. 1 stop away from Shinjuku on the Chuo rapid line. Pretty close!

      I`ll check out Okubo and Shin Okubu when I can, I went to Ochanomizu and it blew my mind haha. Naren recommended some places too which was useful. Might check out his band as well!

      The heat is not too bad, just the humidity is killer. Everything is so damn expensive, but it was expected haha. Been doing the tourist stuff like Tokyo Tower and Ueno Park, still loads more to see!
    3. Mwoit
      Sorry for the late reply!

      That does sound like a killer deal! Golden Week is only during May though, right? Things aren't really cheap here in the UK.

      Thanks for the venue list, will check them out. Any band will suffice, just to see some local bands would be interesting.

      Deadly Premonition is a Japanese game that revolves around you playing as a quirky FBI agent in a small village where everyone knows each other. Graphics are PS2 standards, audio is badly done, controls are clumsy and everything is weird. But, it has it's bizarre charm and the plot isn't TOO bad. Haven't heard much of FME, but Bayonetta seemed like a good old schooler.
      I've moved onto Dead Space 2 and Mortal Kombat. Good shit!

      EDIT: Lol, I`m a tard and posted this on my own wall.

      I`m currently in Shinjuku, it`s face meltingly hot and I`m in an internet cafe. Japan is cool so far, I went to a few guitar stores in Shibuya and tried out an Edwards. MORE WILL FOLLOW
    4. ry_z

      Three of the guys from D'espairsRay, Hizaki, and Gackt. Apparently it was just for a one-off TV performance of a Gackt single, but I can't help thinking it'd make a cool band. :lol:
    5. ry_z
      On that note, they remind me of Rentrer en Soi now. :lol:
    6. ry_z
      Yep, I'd already seen the thread. I'd just forgotten to thank it. :lol:
    7. Sollesnes
      Awesome :D
      Not the place you'd expect to find jpop. :p
    8. Sollesnes
      Haha, what. I'm not alone :lol:
      You too :lol:
    9. Sebastian
      I wonder how many of our posts are actually just "welcome" :lol:
    10. ry_z
      YouTube - ‪spiv states - FLAVOR PV‬‏

      What the hell, why do I like this? :rofl:
    11. ry_z
      I seem to be succeeding at spreading D'espairsRay everywhere. :lol:
    12. Randy
      I have joined the dark side.
    13. ry_z
    14. Psychobuddy
      Yeah I meant to do one a while ago but....never happened. So yeah howdy. :D
    15. Mwoit
      Maybe I will buy something, Japan exclusive models perhaps. Are guitars much cheaper there than in Western Countries?

      I've not been playing much games, exams are on at the moment. Just been playing Back To The Future (point n click), Batman Arkham Asylum and the best game ever, Deadly Premonitions. If you've seen Twin Peaks, the inspiration is uncanny.
    16. ry_z
      Yep, I have it. :lol:

      I'm listening through in chronological order. I'm up to 1991. :lol:
    17. tetrapotmelontea
      ah ok, i also was sort of thinking it was your girlfriend or wife or something maybe haha
    18. ry_z

      I had only seen that live version of ABS covering Dress, with Atsushi Sakurai guesting. From there, I found that live video of Sapphire and was absolutely blown away. :yesway:

      Now I have to listen through their studio albums. All 17 of them. :rofl:
    19. tetrapotmelontea
      yo bro, who is the woman you always have a different photo of in your avatar? she looks familiar is she a singer or a model or somethin
    20. ry_z
      It won't let me give you any more ABS rep. :lol:
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