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  1. soldierkahn
    soldierkahn superash
    are your 7680s still up for grabs?
  2. soldierkahn
    soldierkahn TTWC Ben
    I have a DCM100 Dino sig Ive got up for trade for a 1077XL if youre interested....
  3. alessandroarzilli
    I'm a metalhead from the Republic of San Marino!
  4. PCDManufacture
    PCDManufacture Defyantly
    If you are interested in headless guitars here you can write: Thanks Peter
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  5. Cynicanal
    Cynicanal AdenM
    Totally unrelated to anything, but damn, is that an Underrail avatar?!?!
  6. Logan Butters
    Logan Butters Caleb Pels
    Hey man, I saw your post about looking into a strandberg. Im looking to get rid of mine if youre interested. I have shoulder issues and the guitar was a godsend for them.
    1. Caleb Pels
      Caleb Pels
      I appreciate it! But i'm in a rough patch at the moment and should wait a few months before making a big purchase
      Oct 10, 2018
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  7. Kaura
    Kaura EvilDragon
    Lol, funny thing. I was googling a solution for a random problem I had with Cubase last week and I saw your posts on a couple of the forums I checked and now you're here. Welcome! :D
  8. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    So I don't have a lefti yet but I will
  9. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    And set Kurt was a left handed player
  10. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    And did the cord perfect. He giggled
  11. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    And told me to try the same cord flipping to left hand
  12. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    He had me play a right cord
  13. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    My dad and I just got back to being a family .
  14. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    When he died so did part of me.
  15. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    I instantly felt more comfortable
  16. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    Out of curiosity I flipped my guitar
  17. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    I am right handed and ask for a guitar at 8 year's
  18. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    Kurt Cobain was my isperation
  19. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    This is the the thing that makes me feel like no one really payed attention to me in my family.
  20. chopeth
    chopeth binz
    Ya avisarás cuando te pilles la Solar, a ver si haces un NGD chulo que se me cae la baba con los A2.6 ;)
    1. binz
      Hola Chico no entiendo que quieres decirme :D Vivo en espana ahora pero no sé espanol esto mucho!
      Oct 5, 2018