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  1. Gmork
    Gmork mnemonic
    Hey man, just been browsing through your diy builds. Really cool stuff.
    Curious about that tiny $5 DC 100w poweramp. Would you say using it to build a tiny guitar poweramp would be an easy beginner job?
    If so any chance you can point me in the direct of instructions/how to?
    Ps i feel like i should mention that i dont even know what im looking at or where id even start lol.
  2. ArtDecade
    Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  3. E.H.
    Hollow Thoughts - Alternative metal from Finland
  4. NateFalcon
    NateFalcon Rosal76
    That’s really cool...I loved that movie when I was a kid. The original monster truck was called “Super Pete” and they converted it for the movie. It’s actually a pretty obscure movie
  5. Rosal76
    Rosal76 NateFalcon
    Hey, NateFalcon. Saw your avatar of the movie, Rolling vengeance and thought you'd get a kick out of this. Rolling vengeance R/C truck!!! I used to be into expensive R/C trucks so I think it's pretty cool.

    I also noticed the Basket case avatar before you changed it. Man, that movie is fucked up!!! LOL!!!
  6. rockartlml
    rockartlml FilBack
    Is your ibanez trs trem still available? Do you have pictures?
  7. Kyle Butterworth
    Kyle Butterworth
  8. slim231990
    Add me on steam!
  9. MaxOfMetal
    MaxOfMetal petruccirocks02
    I wasn't the one who deleted it, but if I had to guess it was probably due to the same guitar being in the classifieds.
    1. petruccirocks02
      Oh okay. I didn’t know that was against the rules. My bad.
      Sep 3, 2018
  10. petruccirocks02
    petruccirocks02 MaxOfMetal
    Hey Max, would you be able to tell me why my NGD thread got deleted? I wanted to see the replies today and noticed it was gone out of the standard guitars section. Thanks!
  11. jy_p
    jy_p Sacha
    Hi, do you still have the rgif8 for sale?
  12. MaxOfMetal
    MaxOfMetal Gmork
    It's all good. Taken care of.
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  13. Gmork
    Gmork MaxOfMetal
    Hi max. Just a heads up/apology. I just created a thread in the gear section and my phone did a weird thing and long story short i accidentally created 2 identical threads.
    I dont see an option to delete one of them myself.
    Help? ... And thanks
  14. TesticularTyler
    Does anybody know what kind of bridge upgrade I could do on my jp 70 without routing or modifying the body?
  15. cybereye
    You can be anything you want to be. Just turnyourselfintoanyahitajsidjcaoisjdfaisjf be.
  16. Massive Sound Productions
  17. TesticularTyler
    I own a JP 70 by sterling. I recently switched from 6 to 7 string last year. Looking to modify and upgrade parts on it.
  18. Rjmartinj
    Rjmartinj GMCUV7
    Happen to have your PWH still?
  19. Acaciastrain360
    Acaciastrain360 cip 123
    Hi mate, my post got deleted... so what would you recommend if not Agile/Legator
    Let me know, cheers
  20. soldierkahn
    soldierkahn HeHasTheJazzHands
    my bad brother lol. I know that we do have many artists that lurk around and post occasionally, so I assumed lol. Epic fail :)