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  1. Fktpguitfiddle
    Fktpguitfiddle saminator
    any trades on the hd500x
  2. Tommrob
    Tommrob lewis
    Can you send me the builder info for that headless you just had done. I’ve been wanting to mess with a less expensive one. Does he do 7s?
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  3. cwhitey2
    cwhitey2 Zombie13
    I have been listening to your new album on Spotify and I must say it is awesome! Keep up the good work!
    1. Zombie13
      Thank you, I really appreciate that!
      Nov 14, 2017 at 10:21 PM
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    2. cwhitey2
      Next time I get paid I'll buy some of your stuff!
      Nov 15, 2017 at 7:40 AM
  4. ericguitar48
    ericguitar48 Mikeitloud
    Hey Man saw your studio setup looks sweet! I noticed you were micing your speaker tho? not the guitar cab but actual like p/a speaker. Just wondering what that would be used for? Im just curious and always wanting to learn new techniques haha.
  5. ste stix
    ste stix
    So ive just joind this, should be good to speak to people that love jackso guitars as i do
  6. MikeyV311
    NGD! Ibanez APEX 2 with Bare Knuckles Zebra Bridge, and BAND SIGNATURES!
  7. KnightBrolaire
    the ctulhucaster is here.
  8. eaeolian
    eaeolian Gravy Train
    Excellent deal on the Duncans.
  9. Gmork
    Gas'n for the Openhaus!
  10. hamerboy
    hamerboy MAGGOTBRAIN
    Hey, Maggotbrain. Came across you searching for information on my Les Paul Custom Lite. I noticed in your profile that you're from N.E. Ohio. Coincidentally I'm in the same area; Chesterland specifically. Do you still own the sunset metallic LP you posted pics of?

    take care,

      Hey Bobby,,,Hello!...i know right where ya are ... The company i work for has our shop right down the road in Bainbridge...small world eh?... No i parted with that guitar a few yrs ago...

      Nov 9, 2017
  11. KentonSummits
    I've been writing so much music lately, and i'm so stoked on that.
  12. Wolfethorne
  13. Metalman X
    Metalman X
    Living out of spite
  14. spork141
    spork141 dowenprs
    Hey doweprs. Just seeing if you were still looking for feelers on that stephen carpenter sonic blue. I have a lot of interest in one. Let me know. Thanks
  15. Jordan Talley
    Jordan Talley
    Looking for the guitar in my profile pic. Original owner and was forced to let it go a few years ago. Highly sentimental. WTB!!!!!
  16. infernalservice
    infernalservice Kruger667
    Did you buy that UV7SBK listed here in the summer?
  17. Xaios
    Xaios Vostre Roy
  18. ashen_amps
    Working on a new custom guitar cabinet.
  19. Patri_MA_Ruiz
    Work harder, I believe in you.
  20. icipher
    icipher kylendm
    any interest in working out a trade with my Laney Ironheart 120?
    1. kylendm
      No thanks man.
      Oct 24, 2017