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  1. KnightBrolaire
    the kemper just gives me amp GAS
  2. KnightBrolaire
    the fender katana is what would happen if neal moser made a concorde
  3. Ulvhedin
    Ulvhedin Zender
    There was an Bo-el for sale in Norway for ages. Do you want me to see if i find the ad?
    (saw your post on Post your GAS)
  4. Metal Head Productions
  5. Metal Head Productions
    Metal Head Productions
    These pickups are stupid good
  6. KnightBrolaire
    sell me a baritone LP
  7. HeavyMetal4Ever
    HeavyMetal4Ever Ben Lorentzen
    Hey mate, just a heads up, there are two of the "What is your all time rock concert highlight" threads on the main page. If you ask a mod they might be able to combine them for you.

    Have a good one.
  8. chad24allc
    chad24allc Bryancap7
    Also in the market for an aggressive BKP pup set (or any aggressive passives for that matter) for the custom 6 to replace the Suhr SSVs in it now.

    Open to trades too with some gear, so if you're in the market, I may be able to help.

    Anyway, glad to see another boden fanboy about. Hope to talk to ya sometime.

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    2. Bryancap7
      Hey chad, for sure man, I’ll absolutely keep my eyes open! I actually saw a set of silver fishmans fluence 7 pups on Craigslist in (I think) San Diego! There’s a good start for ya. That purple quilt is gorgeous right? Are you on instagram or in the Facebook Strandberg Owners Group?
      Jun 5, 2018
    3. chad24allc
      Awesome! I'll give the San Diego page a look and cross my fingers that he or she will be willing to ship them lol. Oh man, there are no words. I'm not, actually. Didn't even know they existed until now, but I'll join up shortly. Thanks again! :)
      Jun 6, 2018
  9. chad24allc
    chad24allc Bryancap7
    I have 2 boden 6's (one OS trem, one custom washburn shop koaberg), a custom koaberg 7, and one of the 2017 LE gloss purple quilt top OS 8's that I see we both have a mild obsession over ^_^

    Currently in the market for some fluence 7's or 8's to go in the respective active bodens ( 57/66 and 808's currently).
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  10. chad24allc
    chad24allc Bryancap7
    Bryan, I wanted to reach out and introduce myself as one Strandberg owner to another. I figured we could keep in touch and help keep an eye out for certain gear either of us may be in the market for. Us strandy owners are a tight-knit bunch, so please let me know if there's anything you're looking for.

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  11. Liam Hardy
    Liam Hardy
    New music coming soon!
  12. Greg Barnett
    Greg Barnett
    Listening to Allan Holdsworth & wondering why I bother
  13. Belaunde
    Live long and prosper.
  14. Ancestor
    Ancestor jwoods986
    Holy mackerel! You've been a member for 14 years and posted 15 times? LOL! Covert ops man.
    1. jwoods986
      Yeah -lol. Well I joined in 2004 when I briefly had a 7, but sold it and forgot about this forum. I'm thinking about one again and jumped back into here, so you'll notice most of my 15 posts are recent.
      May 31, 2018
  15. ptrdmr
    Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.
  16. StrivingCade
    Recording, writing, recording, writing
  17. Power2theMetal
    Power2theMetal big_aug
    Hey, I happen to have the chance at trading for your old DJC Carpathian, would I be able to ask you some questions if I could?
  18. Cynicanal
    Cynicanal TheWarAgainstTime
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    2. Cynicanal
      Cool, thanks for the info. I agree about it getting fairly tight unboosted, which is why I asked; I tried those settings both ways, and it worked fairly well both ways, with unboosted being just a bit dry and stiff feeling but sounding great and boosted feeling amazing but being just a bit crazier than I'm used to (I generally run the gain at just above noon when going boosted).
      May 28, 2018
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    3. Cynicanal
      (split into two messages because of the silly character limit)
      It's weird (but cool!) how well having the depth that high behaves with those EQ settings, with a more low-mid focused setting (treble at just above noon, mids about 11'o clock), the mids start doing really weird and ugly things if you put the depth above the master presence. Not so with your settings!
      May 28, 2018
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    4. TheWarAgainstTime
      Yep, all of the controls are very interactive, especially the treble, presence, and master presence in how they affect the midrange and aggression. putting all of the channel settings at 1:00 is a bit spongier and less forward in the grindy/angry mids, despite the bass and mid controls remaining untouched relative to the listed settings.
      May 28, 2018
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  19. Mullet
    Mullet gregmarx7
    Hey mate. Did you ever manage to get the cold sweats fitted to the Ibby 2127z? We’re you able to find any info on wiring? Thanks!
  20. Rosal76
    Rosal76 NateFalcon
    Hey, NateFalcon. I don't know if you saw him but there's a forum member here who has a avatar of Leatherface from the first movie. I thought it was you until I saw his name. His name is DudeManBrother. Seems that T.C.M. fandom is strong on this forum. :)