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  1. Gunderslam
    Probably on YouTube too much
  2. Metalloutd
  3. arps
  4. JBennett
    JBennett turenkodenis
  5. chance144
    Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Where is my profile?
  6. chance144
    Why is my entire history here erased?
  7. lelahel
    lelahel Neked
    hi man,
    is the Mayones Setius GTM-6 still available?
    Which pickups it has?
  8. TunedToB
    A bit of a late notification, but I recently picked up an RGA121 (the violin burst one). Absolutely killer 6 string.
  9. btbg
    btbg zimbloth
    Hey nick. Want to play melodeath, prog, and the occasional djent on my basswood guitar.

    What bkps would you suggest?
  10. MichaelJD
    I a music maniac, a blogger, a brother, and son
  11. EuropeanBob
    Looking for my first 7 string.
  12. Dcm81
    Dcm81 blacai
    Falls du noch ne 7-Saiter suchst; Ich hätte eine Ibanez RGA7 mit ein Paar EMG 707 verbaut und den "EQ-Boost" entfernt. Wollte ich günstig für 350 abgeben. Wenn du willst kann ich gerne Bilder schicken.
    1. blacai
      Danke für das Angebot, leider muss ich sagen, die RGA7 sind nicht meine lieblings...
      Feb 21, 2018
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  13. Seybsnilksz
    I have to mix to survive
  14. Seybsnilksz
  15. InvertedEarth
  16. Hollowway
    Hollowway Vede
    Ah, cool. Great specs!
  17. Hollowway
    Hollowway Vede
    Hey man, what is that guitar in your profile picture? It looks pretty nice!
    1. Vede
      Thanks! It's a McNaught DJ+. Awesome guitar.
      Feb 17, 2018
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  18. rockskate4x
    Just another delinquent.
  19. jeromereuff
    jeromereuff Amod79
    Hi, for my records, is the jp13 still for sale? Thx, Jérôme
  20. skeels
    Ey. I'm around. I'm not back, but I'm around. Miss ya kooks.