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  1. Claus “Arsenic” Andersen
    Claus “Arsenic” Andersen FIXXXER
    Hey there!
    I’m writing to you, since I just bought a guitar, that I think you used to be the owner of?
    It’s the Rusti paradox Left handed guitar.
    Is that correct?
  2. zxcvbnm
  3. Gsharp9
    Gsharp9 mystix
    hey man, still have the olive gold Luke III ??
    1. mystix
      Sorry. It’s gone
      Mar 26, 2019 at 1:13 PM
  4. Lev
  5. KnightBrolaire
    ThE CuStOm 5 iS tOo ScOoPeD iN tHe MiDs
  6. 7heaven7
    7heaven7 gujukal
    Hi, do you still have the Skervesen? What would shipping global ems dhl be to US if you do? Thx.
  7. Un1corn
    I love ShirokaneRinko
  8. KnightBrolaire
    starting the slow descent into dad rcok guitars
  9. ElRay
  10. Scotty_86
  11. KnightBrolaire
  12. BananaDemocracy
    BananaDemocracy lewis
    You’re a very intelligent guitarist. It is evident in your posts.
  13. donny brook
    donny brook The Griffinator
    hello Griffinator, can i buy that Marlin Les Paul from you?
  14. Kaura
  15. Jogeta
    Jogeta yanorgt
    Hey, yanorgt! Hope you are well. A few years ago, did I swap an LTD EC 1000 with you? Do you still have the EC 1000?
  16. Randy
    Randy Randerson
  17. Randy
  18. Maellysaurus
  19. dschonn
  20. axxessdenied
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