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  1. djflashpoint
  2. Minella
    probably doing nothing at all
  3. RMLInnovations
    RMLInnovations KOEMIG
    Ich kann dir leider die Website und E-Mail Adressen nicht normal ausschreiben in dieser Nachricht weil ich diese Nachricht dann nicht schicken darf laut Forumregolarien :-S
    Bisschen bloed ;-)

  4. RMLInnovations
    RMLInnovations KOEMIG
    Ich wohne selber in Berlin, also logistisch ist das auch sehr ueberschaubar schaetze ich mal.

    Vielleicht waere es interessant mal zu telefonieren? Du kannt mich vielleicht mal anschreiben auf der e-mail adresse von meiner Webseite? Wir koenntent uns dann vielleicht mal austauschen.
  5. RMLInnovations
    RMLInnovations KOEMIG
    Hier findest du Informationen ueber meine Firma: rmlinnovations punkt com. Ich stelle Bassgitarrenbruecken her. Die habe ich waehrend meiner Abschlussarbeit in 2010 entwickelt.
    Ich habe aber die letzte 7 Jahre in einer kleinen, innovativen Firma gearbeitet und habe deshalb die Erfahrung gemacht die notwendig ist um eine Firma zu gruenden und weiter zu entwickeln.
  6. RMLInnovations
    RMLInnovations KOEMIG
    Hey Koemig,

    Ich habe soeben deine Nachricht ueber die Gitarrenfirma gelesen. Das ist tadsaechlich sehr interessant fuer mich.
    Ich habe vor zwei Wochen selber eine Firma gegruendet im Bereich Gitarrenparts.
    Du kannst hier mehr Informationen ueber mich finden: roblangendijk punkt nl
  7. Jyawook
    Jyawook glassmoon0fo
    Is the Ibanez six28 still for sale?
    1. glassmoon0fo
      Only Ibanez I have is a TAM10 if you mean that, and it IS up for sale
      Feb 14, 2019
  8. Oroku_Yagi
    "I too am extremely mad about a guitar that barely exists and I will never own"
  9. niecierpek
    Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem
  10. guitaardvark
    guitaardvark Gnarcade
    Hey dude, I saw your post in the "favorite song you've written thread." It's the first thing I've heard in a good while that inspires me and reminds me that I make/listen to music because it's fun. Keep it up!
  11. Necky379
    Necky379 Bearitone
    I posted a Bandit clip on the HM-2 megathread if you’d like to hear some shitty playing through a teal stripe Bandit
  12. ChugThisBoy
    Currently working on new songs for my band.
  13. MaxOfMetal
    MaxOfMetal GatherTheArsenal
    Users have been having issues with Imgur. The only service that's been relatively problem free is uploading them directly to the site. Using your own private hosting works too if that's something you're into.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. It seems every other week between image hosts changing thier ToS and this place having tweaks done behind the scenes it's hard to say what is or isn't going to work.
    1. GatherTheArsenal
      Ahh I see, ok yeah i think i briefly read a random comment in a thread a while ago mentioning those issues. Thanks anyways Max.

      Gotta ask though, how do you upload them directly to the site? Thx again!
      Feb 7, 2019
    2. GatherTheArsenal
      Nevermind :) just found the "add media" button on my profile.
      Feb 7, 2019
  14. GatherTheArsenal
    GatherTheArsenal MaxOfMetal
    Hi Max, i got a NGD post I want to share but I'm having some trouble posting pics up in previous posts, mainly my issue is the image becomes broken. I'm currently hosting through imgur and direct linking, which works for all of an hour maybe.

    I searched the forums with some keywords and looked through some others hoping to see a sticky. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.
  15. Tatu Aleksi
    Tatu Aleksi
  16. jacksonguitar1111
    jacksonguitar1111 guitarxtc
    Hello, is the JCustom still for sale? Can you PM me? Thank you so much.
  17. redkombat
    redkombat pondman
    Are you a carpenter?
    1. pondman
      No, why do you ask ?
      Feb 5, 2019
    2. redkombat
      Because of your high skill it seems like that would be how you got your $$
      Feb 17, 2019 at 1:28 PM
  18. Lionsden
    Lionsden Winspear
    Hey, are you still making nuts for multi scales? I need one for the Jackson SLAT7-FF in my profile pic. 25.5-27 scale with a 1.875 much shipped to the United States (Mount Sterling, KY - 40353)
  19. jacksonguitar1111
    jacksonguitar1111 OlisDead
    ESP MII is still for sale
  20. crankyrayhanky
    crankyrayhanky LeftOurEyes
    Curious- where did you get that head-CList, GCenter? If you ever want to flip (even if it's in a year or so), hit me up, I'm in Mesa