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  1. Beagledad70
    Beagledad70 makecamera
    You want to send me your pod for free? I'm in the middle of getting disability so I don't have any income right now.i posted this because my family was asking for Xmas ideas
  2. mystix
    Balaguer Guitars Brand Ambassador
  3. durst17
    durst17 gujukal
    hi man, just seen your advertising for the skerv.

    I have actually a JPXI and JPXII from musciman both 7 strings to sell. do not know if that can interest you... ?
  4. spudler_t
    Been working on a GRG 7321 EX. Interesting guitar, has to be very budget, I can see the lines from the wood Laminated together to make body
  5. iLike myMetalBlack
    iLike myMetalBlack
    its a coffee joke
  6. vejichan
    vejichan TonyFlyingSquirrel
    Thanks. Btw do u use amp sims? What daw, audio interface and monitors and amp sims are u using?
    1. TonyFlyingSquirrel
      I am on Pro Tools 12, I use my HD500X direct into the interface, I use minimal eq & comp plugins in Pro Tools on Gtr, just as needed for mix tweaks. I do most of my editing on the POD against other backing tracks in order to minimize eq'ing later.
      Oct 29, 2018
  7. vejichan
    vejichan axxessdenied
  8. vejichan
    vejichan shnizzle
  9. vejichan
    vejichan TonyFlyingSquirrel
    1. TonyFlyingSquirrel
      Tones & Mix are nice! Plays back nice & balance in my studio monitors with the sub, so I think it would likely translate well onto other playback devices.
      Oct 28, 2018
  10. vejichan
    vejichan TonyFlyingSquirrel
    Hi need your advice on this song i am working on. How can i improve my playing, guitar sound, bass sound, drum sound and overall mix,? Thanks
  11. soldierkahn
    soldierkahn Rick
    hey Rick, been a long time. just wanted to stop by and see how you were doin
  12. GnarlesBronson
    email me at info [@]
  13. soldierkahn
    soldierkahn superash
    are your 7680s still up for grabs?
  14. soldierkahn
    soldierkahn TTWC Ben
    I have a DCM100 Dino sig Ive got up for trade for a 1077XL if youre interested....
  15. alessandroarzilli
    I'm a metalhead from the Republic of San Marino!
  16. PCDManufacture
    PCDManufacture Defyantly
    If you are interested in headless guitars here you can write: Thanks Peter
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  17. Cynicanal
    Cynicanal AdenM
    Totally unrelated to anything, but damn, is that an Underrail avatar?!?!
  18. Logan Butters
    Logan Butters Caleb Pels
    Hey man, I saw your post about looking into a strandberg. Im looking to get rid of mine if youre interested. I have shoulder issues and the guitar was a godsend for them.
    1. Caleb Pels
      Caleb Pels
      I appreciate it! But i'm in a rough patch at the moment and should wait a few months before making a big purchase
      Oct 10, 2018
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  19. Kaura
    Kaura EvilDragon
    Lol, funny thing. I was googling a solution for a random problem I had with Cubase last week and I saw your posts on a couple of the forums I checked and now you're here. Welcome! :D
  20. Shawna Teague
    Shawna Teague
    So I don't have a lefti yet but I will